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The Long Term

A Wesley/Angel Story by Helen Raven

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“We are shown a Wesley carefully convincing himself that he is taking a dangerous course of action because it is his duty to do so. The reader, however, knows there is more to it than that and Helen explores Wes’ thought process in fascinating depth. Self-justification, very believable power games (which are focused into intense sexual tension rather than just sex), and a cleverly downbeat ending, make this a great read.”

eyesdarker, on BetterBuffyFics


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Helen Raven’s Slash Fiction



Not mine, not for profit, not even a blip on the litigation radar.


NC-17. Bloodletting, dark themes.


To Kassie, whose stories first made me really look at Wesley. To Kassie and Vic, for beta-work that saved me from myself - over and over again.


Takes place from late Season One (sometime before “The Ring”) up to early Season Two (“Darla”).